C&E Wildlife Products is the premier direct fed microorganism (probiotic) company in the Whitetail Deer breeding industry. Founded in 2010 as a division of C&E Agri Products, the company was determined to increase fawn survival rate and promote herd wellness by utilizing innovative products barely understood by breeders at that time. The concept of feeding beneficial bacteria to live animals to help reduce pathogenic bacterial concentrations in the gut, increase feed intake, promote intestinal health, improve body condition, and hyper activate the immune system has been a passion and unrelenting commitment of C&E Agri Products for greater than 30 years.

At C&E Wildlife we understand your best genetics belong to the little guys and girls born every spring. The efforts to provide the absolute best products to the Whitetail Deer industry are backed by countless years of experience with numerous animal species ranging from cattle, sheep and goats to horses, dogs and cats…. and of course, university conducted research at Texas Tech. This year as you expand the genetics of your breeding facility to the absolute best they have ever been, why not consider the best and the most proven all natural probiotic products on the market...consider C&E Wildlife.


“We have used C&E Wildlife Products for the past two years and recommend it to any deer farmer we visit with. Since we started using the Fawn Paste, we have not had any issues with E coli or scours in our fawns at all. The Top Score has done wonders with getting our bucks back in excellent body condition after the rut allowing the buck’s system to focus on antler growth earlier in the season. There are no other products on the market that come close to the results you will get from using C&E Wildlife Products! Cougar Ridge Whitetails”

David McQuaig & Holly Johnson

– Cougar Ridge Whitetails